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What you can expect from the new SportSpiel

SportSpiel is The Players’ Podcast. Our focus is on giving athletes an opportunity to tell their stories properly.

Sport provides stories like nowhere else – the pain, the inspiration, the drama and the willingness to win at all costs.

That means there is an endless supply of incredible people to talk to.

This podcast was born in April 2017 because we wanted to tell these stories. Too often the athletes at the centre of them don’t get the level of coverage they deserve.

Since then we have aired 80 episodes, spoken to numerous guests and shared stories for the first time.

Now we are going all in.

From September 15, SportSpiel becomes a fortnightly feature interview-only podcast.

Each episode will be complemented by a written feature on our website focusing on our guest and bringing together the key themes from our conversation. It also makes it a lot easier for you if you’ve left your headphones at home.

Every month we will also bring you round table discussion podcasts featuring guest analysts as we continue to look at some of the bigger issues in the sporting world.


We believe in quality long-form content without limitations. We believe in promoting women’s sport and are passionate about telling stories the way they should be.

That ethos remains the same, just as it did two years ago when we started this podcast as two inexperienced trainee journalists who had no idea about audio production.

A lot has changed since then. But we still do all this for free and in our spare time simply because we love it.

That means when each episode arrives, we need some help from you – the listeners and the readers.

Share, comment, subscribe and talk about it. That’s how we get spotted and how the athletes can be heard.

Behind the scenes we can promise that we will keep working our butts off to give you something you enjoy as much as we do.

Alasdair Hooper, co-presenter and producer

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