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Speed Skating Special: Elise Christie

Alasdair Hooper hosts a special SportSpiel episode – the 50th ever produced – and is joined by British speed skating star Elise Christie.

The 2017 World Champion is one of the best short track speed skaters in the world and has enjoyed phenomenal success.


However, in conjunction with her phenomenal talent the self-declared ‘goofball’ has also endured her fair share of ups and downs with much of it aired in full public view at the Winter Olympics.

With every medal achieved on the World and European stage it appears they have been countered by ticking every box of bad luck at the Olympics including falls, disqualifications, injury and social media abuse.

In this special episode Elise talks in great depth about her life in speed skating, from starting out as a kid, to her Winter Olympic lessons to becoming the best in the world.

We also talk about the dangers of social media, the prospect of competing in long track as well as what life is like with – and now without – her best friend Charlotte Gilmartin in training and competition.

What comes out in this interview is an athlete who is as bubbly and entertaining as she is talented and – no matter what the haters on social media might say – you can’t keep this goofball down.

Image credit: Martin Holtom

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