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Sarah Leiter: Goalball and hospital shifts – life with 10 per cent of your vision

Alasdair Hooper and Will Moulton are joined by Goalball UK star Sarah Leiter on episode 40 of SportSpiel.


On our feature interview section (2:42) Alasdair speaks to Sarah who is not only a talented athlete, but also a junior doctor after graduating from the University of Cambridge.

In her chat on the podcast Sarah explains about life growing up with albinism, and having only 10 per cent of her vision, but also how it has come to define her.

Despite the challenges – particularly trying to play sport in school PE – Sarah is now one of the most inspiring athletes around after trying out goalball following London 2012.

With Tokyo 2020 approaching, Sarah takes us through the British goalball team’s attempts to qualify for the Paralympics after narrowly missing out in 2016 and there’s also conversation on the importance of making women’s sport as visible as possible.


Alasdair and Will present the news round-up (30:35) as they go through some of the important headlines that caught their eyes, including the Nike’s policy change over pregnant athletes and the first concussion substitute in cricket.

In our discussion topic this week (47:56) we look at the England Rugby World Cup squad as Eddie Jones picks a squad with some notable omissions.

Lastly we hold the latest round of Ask Alasdair (1:01:43) where Will asks Alasdair, and then the listeners, a sports trivia question.

Image credit: Photo 1 – Goalball UK, Image 2 – IBSA Goalball and Julie Laramie Photography

All music in this episode is courtesy of Otis McDonald

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