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Mallory Franklin: ‘I was the kid that wouldn’t say yes to the register’

Alasdair Hooper hosts the latest episode of SportSpiel with Tokyo 2020 silver medalist Mallory Franklin.

The canoe slalom paddler has every right to be recognised for what she has achieved in her sport.

In 2018, she became Britain’s most successful female canoeist and she is a former C1 European and World Cup champion. She followed up that Tokyo silver medal with a K1 World Cup silver medal at the start of September.

Behind the scenes however she is a real perfectionist, and that can sometimes be a real detriment to how much pressure you put on yourself and the anxiety that goes with it.

Listen to the podcast episode below

When lockdown one hit at the start of the pandemic, that enforced break led Mallory into unpicking the reasons behind that anxiety and getting her mind into a better place.

Much of this episode homes in on the mental side as Mallory opens up and takes us through her journey to appreciating and being in the moment, as well as learning to separate self-worth from your performance.

She also tells us about the equality journey women’s C1 has come on as well as the importance of sport as a whole.

For someone who grew up as the ‘kid that wouldn’t say yes to the register’ her sport has played a vital role in making her the person she is today.

Interview: Alasdair Hooper

All music in this episode is courtesy of Otis McDonald

Images: With thanks to British Canoeing

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