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SportSpiel is back with a new series of podcasts

Alasdair Hooper and Will Moulton bring you a new series of SportSpiel in 2023

The SportSpiel podcast is back with a brand new series, starting from Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

It’s been a busy last year for the pair of us, thanks to work, life and everything in between. But we’ve always wanted to get the podcast back up and running and now we have with a new schedule.

Starting from January 24 we will be releasing a new podcast every week as part of a winter/spring series in 2023. We will then be returning with a summer/autumn series of episodes later in the year.

We’re both really excited to continue what the SportSpiel podcast was always intended to do – tell athlete’s stories properly. Now more than ever we’ve seen the potential with areas such as women’s sport and other previously undervalued sports, and that has never sat right with us.

So we’re back with our athlete interviews to bring you closer to these amazing individuals regardless of what sport they do. All that matters is they have a brilliant story to tell or a passionate message to share. That’s what we value on this podcast above all else – in-depth storytelling and who better to bring that to you than the athletes themselves.

We’ve recorded a preview episode to give you a little snippet of what’s coming, and a bit of a life update, but above else we hope you all enjoy what we’ve got coming. Sharing and spreading the word is always appreciated!


All music in this episode is courtesy of Otis McDonald

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