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Mental Health Awareness Special: Sarah Williams

Alasdair Hooper hosts the third of our six Mental Health Awareness Week specials.

On this episode we are joined by the founder of Tough Girl Challenges and the host of the Tough Girl podcast Sarah Williams.


Tough Girl Challenges has gone from strength to strength since it was set up by Sarah in 2014 but it has been far from easy.

The podcast may now be nominated for the Women’s Sports Trust Be a Game Changer awards but the journey it has taken to get there has required mental resilience.

Additionally the physical challenges Sarah has put herself through, as well as the countless inspirational women she has interviewed, makes her a perfect person to give us an insight into mental health.

From the fear of failure – to what it takes to be successful – Sarah openly discusses her own struggles.

She also explains what she has learnt from that first day she decided to pack up a regular job in finance and tell the stories of inspirational women instead.

Image credit: Sarah Williams

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