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Kate French: ‘Some people excel in one discipline – I’m just average in all of them!’

Will Moulton hosts the latest episode of SportSpiel with Olympic gold medallist Kate French.

The Modern Pentathlon star was part of a historic moment at Tokyo 2020 when her gold medal, along with fellow Brit Joe Choong’s own brilliant win, meant it was the first time a nation had claimed victory in both the men’s and women’s event.

The fierce competitor is a humble individual however, in her words, while some people may excel in one of the five disciplines within Modern Pentathlon she likes to say she’s ‘average in all of them’.

What certainly isn’t average is what Kate French has been able to do for her sport and that only looks set to continue in the future.

Listen to the podcast episode below

On this episode of the podcast, she tells all about how she got into one of the most unique sports in the world and how spending time with a previous Olympic medallist inspired her to drive for the sport’s greatest stage.

She also gives us a detailed rundown of how she took gold out in Tokyo and why it is so important to inspire the next generation.

Interview: Will Moulton

All music in this episode is courtesy of Otis McDonald

Images: Main image credit – UIPM, Podcast episode image credit – Team GB

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