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Laura Sugar: ‘Every person is a human being – disability or not’

Will Moulton hosts the latest episode of SportSpiel with returning guest – and Paralympic champion – Laura Sugar.

For most people the chance to represent your country in just one sport would be enough.

But Laura has had the chance to do it across three different events.

After playing hockey for Wales, and then transitioning into athletics where she represented Team GB at the Rio Paralympics, she then became a world-class para-canoe athlete.

At Tokyo 2020, barely 24 months after setting her first paddle in the water in anger, she became Paralympic champion before going on to win a world title just two weeks later.

In her return to the podcast we focus on how her saying ‘yes’ has helped her achieve that incredible double gold.

The Mintridge Foundation ambassador also talks about the need to increase awareness around para-sport and disabilities in general, and how we can help children realise that elite athletes are human – and what they do can be emulated.

Listen to the podcast episode below

Interview: Will Moulton

All music in this episode is courtesy of Otis McDonald

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